Enjoy a Mobile Casino with Payforit

Use Payforit for payments with your phone

Mobile gambling is quickly becoming the entertainment form of choice. People are joining casinos, making deposits and experiencing their library of games using only a mobile phone, and that’s thanks in large part to revolutionary services like Payforit. Payforit is a fast-growing mobile-payment solution that makes it easy to complete deposits using just your mobile phone.

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  • Payforit is built on reliable phone networks for top security
  • Enjoy quick deposits without banks or credit cards with Payforit
  • Enjoy industry-leading deposit and withdrawal bonuses with Payforit

How Payforit Works

Payforit runs through phone systems. Companies that operate phones make it easy to track payments and bill balances throughout the month, and Payforit relies on this payment system to cover its own payment transactions. Players on a standard network will simply add an additional charge onto their phone bill to cover the payment balance. Players on a prepaid network will have to prepay the money onto the account and then deposit money into the casino using the phone account. It’s all pretty straightforward, which is the highlight of Payforit.

Getting Started at a Casino Online

Getting started at a Payforit online casino is pretty simple to do. On a smartphone or computer you simply select pay by phone or pay by SMS. Once you’ve chosen that payment method you’ll receive a text message and only have to respond to it to push the payment through. Once you’ve responded you’ll get a message indicating that the payment went through, and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Using Payforit with a Prepaid Phone

It’s easy to understand how Payforit works when using a phone service like EE because all the money deposited with the service is added to the phone bill to be paid at the end of the month. It’s a bit more difficult to figure out how you deposit real money with Payforit on a prepaid phone network, but it’s actually pretty straightforward as well. You add credit to your mobile account and use that credit to make a payment using Payforit. You can only pay out of your account’s available credit, so it’s necessary to add more to the account before making a casino deposit.

Make Payments without Banks or Credit Cards

It’s easy to join a mobile casino using Payforit without a bank account or credit card. That’s because the process doesn’t require anything other than access to a mobile phone. Players can handle the whole transaction over a phone network which simplifies the process.

Supported Mobile Devices

The beauty of making a deposit with Payforit is that you can do so with any mobile device that you like. The service is not limited to mobile phone type, and it’s even available on older devices through SMS. If you would like to join a casino that uses Payforit, it’s possible to do so with a Blackberry, an Android, a Windows Phone or even an iPhone. Each of the devices work well for the payment method and most can be used quickly with it as well.  

How Payforit Can Help Limit Your Gambling

Problem gamblers make the mistake of depositing more money than they can afford to do so, but this isn’t as much of an issue for gamblers using Payforit. That’s because the daily limit for phone-bill charges is £30. That’s the top limit for a Payforit deposit as well, making it easy to keep daily deposits down to a reasonable level even as a serious problem gambler. More affluent gamblers may find fault with this system over time if they wish to play more than the allotted regular amount of money.

How We Find the Best Payforit Mobile Casino Options

Most players have come to love mobile gambling, but even some casinos designed for mobile players don’t support many mobile friendly deposit options. That’s why we decided to take the time to look closely at Payforit websites. Our Payforit casinos offer the top bonuses and a quick and easy way to fund the account, and we looked at all the major casinos to compare their features and decide on the most beneficial casinos to gamble at today. While looking through each of these online casinos, our team looked closely at all the following features, and made a decision based on each of them.

  • Welcome bonus for new players
  • Daily limits
  • Fees charged when using the service
  • Security and licensing
  • Game selection
  • Deposit speed

If you’re looking to play for real money using Payforit, consider using one of our chosen sites as a location to try the service out. You’ll enjoy top level gambling features, huge bonuses and leading security for a very reasonable price. All of that will be on a site that’s simple to navigate and utilize on a mobile device.

Payforit FAQs

What is PayforIt?

Payforit is a convenient mobile phone payment system that makes it fast and easy to go through the deposit process as a new player at a casino.

How does it work?

The service works by charging a casino deposit right to your phone bill. Once the charge goes through your account will be credited with the gambling money.

Do they allow online casino payments?

Yes, as long as Payforit is being used in the UK and other countries that support gambling, the service can be used for online casino payments with no problems.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, Payforit is safe and secure to use. Just make sure that you see the Payforit logo before going ahead with the process.

How fast are deposits & withdrawals?

Deposits usually go through in less than an hour after initializing them. Withdrawals are not possible using Payforit, and players will have to use a different service instead.

How does it compare?

Compared to most other deposit methods available Payforit is fast and simple to use.

Are there any fees involved?

Yes, there is a small transaction fee when using Payforit. In some instances casinos will cover that cost, and in others, players will have to cover those costs themselves.

Is paysafecard a safe payment method for Australian players?

Mobile paysafecard casino deposits are safe provided you use common sense. After you purchase your card, you'll need to treat the 16-digit PIN you receive like cash. If you lose it, the company won't be able to replace it. Fortunately, it's possible to redeem it right away on your mobile. Paysafecard casino players often choose this payment method since they won't have to provide the gambling site with their credit card or banking information.

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